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HRD International>의 최근호(2006년, 19권 1호)에 실린 아티클 리스트. 


HRDI: reflecting on our boundaries
Carole Elliott


Training perceptions, engagement, and performance: comparing work engagement and personal role engagement
Luke Fletcher


Assessing global leadership competencies: the critical role of assessment centre methodology
Ann M. Herd, Meera Alagaraja & Denise M. Cumberland


A theoretical model of training and its transference: the pivotal role of top management team composition and characteristics
Kevin J. Hurt


Team creativity versus team learning: transcending conceptual boundaries to inspire future framework building
Anne Boon, Katrien Vangrieken & Filip Dochy


Management, valuation, and risk for human capital and human assets: building the foundation for a multi-disciplinary, multi-level theory
Kristin C. Scott & Kim Nimon


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<HRD International>의 최근호(18권 4호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.


Alexandre Ardichvili


Co-workership in practice: a study of two Swedish organizations
Karin Kilhammar & Eva Ellström

Exploring the effects of workplace support on work-life experience: a study of Malaysia
Wee Chan Au & Pervaiz K. Ahmed

Women and training: an empirical investigation in the Arab Middle East
Hayfaa A. Tlaiss & Khalil M. Dirani


Socially responsible HR practices and employees’ intention to quit: the mediating role of job satisfaction
Subhash C. Kundu & Neha Gahlawat


Asian women in top management: eight country cases
Yonjoo Cho, Gary N. McLean, Iratrachar Amornpipat, Wei-Wen Chang, Gertrude I. Hewapathirana, Mayuko Horimoto, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Jessica Li, Nisha N. Manikoth, Jamilah Othman & Siti Raba’ah Hamzah


HRD takes root in Botswana: from fledgling beginnings to positive steps
Keba T. Modisane



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<HRD International>의 최근호(18권 3호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.


Carole Elliott

The mediating role of leadership and people management practices on HRD and organizational performance
Meera Alagaraja, Denise M. Cumberland & Namok Choi

An integrative framework for global leadership competency: levels and dimensions
Junhee Kim & Gary N. McLean


The impact of leadership behaviours on leaders’ perceived job performance across cultures: comparing the role of charismatic, directive, participative, and supportive leadership behaviours in the U.S. and four Confucian Asian countries
Seog Joo Hwang, Louis N. Quast, Bruce A. Center, Chu-Ting Nicole Chung, Huh-Jung Hahn & Joseph Wohkittel

Mentoring, skill development, and career success of foreign expatriates
Dirk Holtbrügge & Judith Ambrosius


Compliance and ethics programmes and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations in the United States: implications for international HRD specialists
John Sample

High-involvement work practices and employee engagement
Sowath Rana

A reflection on a leadership training programme of the Ministry of Interior, Thailand
Sununta Siengthai



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<HRD International>의 최근호(17권 5호)에 실린 아티클 리스트이다. 이번 호는 CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)에 대한 특집인 것 같다. SBHRD(Stakeholder-Based HRD)라는 표현도 나오고..

1. Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, ethics and international human resource development
Valerie Anderson, Thomas Garavan & Eugene Sadler-Smith

2. Exploring a theoretical foundation for HRD in society: toward a model of stakeholder-based HRD
Pyounggu Baek & Namhee Kim

3. Re-conceptualising talent management and development within the context of the low paid
David Devins & Jeff Gold

4. Conceptualising inclusive talent management: potential, possibilities and practicalities
Stephen Swailes, Yvonne Downs & Kevin Orr

5. Human resource development, evaluation, and sustainability: what are the relationships?
Darlene F. Russ-Eft

6. Responsible leadership development – crucible experiences and power relationships in a global professional services firm
Karen Blakeley & Malcolm Higgs

7. Social networking and HRD
Gaenor Roberts & Sally Sambrook


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<HRD International>의 최근호(174)에 실린 아티클 리스트이다. 이번 호는 Critical HRD에 대한 특집인 것 같다.


1. Realizing the critical in CHRD: strategies for research and practice

Jim Stewart, Jamie Callahan, Clare Rigg, Sally Sambrook & Kiran Trehan

2. The (re)negotiation of the critical warrant in critical management education: a research agenda

Linda Perriton

3. Towards critical human resource development education (CHRDE): using the sociological imagination to make the HRD profession more critical in the post-crisis era

Jeff Gold & John Bratton

4. The gendered power relations of action learning: a critical analysis of women’s reflections on a leadership development programme

Valerie Stead

5. Academics in pursuit of the part-time doctorate: pressures and support issues associated with the career development of business and management academics

Sophie Mills, Kiran Trehan & Jim Stewart

6. Reflexive spaces of appearance: rethinking critical reflection in the workplace

Richard J. Cotter

7. The extra mile deconstructed: a critical and discourse perspective on employee engagement and HRD

Claire Valentin

8. Using fictional stories to facilitate training and development

Mina Beigi



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<HRD International>의 최근호(17권 2호)에 실린 아티클 리스트입니다.


1. Leveraging employer branding, performance management and human resource development to enhance employee retention
Wayne F. Cascio

2. HRD research and design science: recasting interventions as artefacts
Eugene Sadler-Smith

3. The relationship between training outsourcing and employee commitment to organization
Sanghamitra Chaudhuri & Kenneth R. Bartlett

4. Bridging, bonding and linking global entrepreneurs: the case of Sri Lanka
Gertrude I. Hewapathirana

5. Exploring the relationship between discourse and a practice perspective on HRD in a virtual environment
Peter Evans

6. The influences of openness to change, knowledge sharing intention and knowledge creation practice on employees’ creativity in the Korean public sector context
Cho Hyun Park, Ji Hoon Song, Doo Hun Lim & Jung Woo Kim

7. A long journey to a cul-de-sac: a reflection on UK skills policy
Martyn Sloman

8. Employees’ positions in virtual working community and their job performances: a social network analysis
Feng Wu & Xiaolei Zhang

9. Workforce localization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: issues and challenges
Ahmed Al-Asfour & Sami A. Khan


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