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<HRD International>의 최근호(174)에 실린 아티클 리스트이다. 이번 호는 Critical HRD에 대한 특집인 것 같다.


1. Realizing the critical in CHRD: strategies for research and practice

Jim Stewart, Jamie Callahan, Clare Rigg, Sally Sambrook & Kiran Trehan

2. The (re)negotiation of the critical warrant in critical management education: a research agenda

Linda Perriton

3. Towards critical human resource development education (CHRDE): using the sociological imagination to make the HRD profession more critical in the post-crisis era

Jeff Gold & John Bratton

4. The gendered power relations of action learning: a critical analysis of women’s reflections on a leadership development programme

Valerie Stead

5. Academics in pursuit of the part-time doctorate: pressures and support issues associated with the career development of business and management academics

Sophie Mills, Kiran Trehan & Jim Stewart

6. Reflexive spaces of appearance: rethinking critical reflection in the workplace

Richard J. Cotter

7. The extra mile deconstructed: a critical and discourse perspective on employee engagement and HRD

Claire Valentin

8. Using fictional stories to facilitate training and development

Mina Beigi



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