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<HRDQ> 2017년 가을호 아티클 리스트다. Volume 28, Issue 3

Reflection에 대한 아티클이 눈에 띈다. 한번 읽어봐야겠다.

HRDQ Submissions of Quantitative Research Reports: Three Common Comments in Decision Letters and a Checklist
Kim Nimon

Job Preferences and Expectations of Disabled People and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Poland: Implications for Disabled People's Professional Development
Anna Michna, Roman Kmieciak and Katarzyna Burzyńska-Ptaszek

An Exploration of Differences in Content and Processes Underlying Reflection on Challenging Experiences at Work
Todd J. Maurer, Dina M. Leheta and Thomas A. Conklin

An Intersubjective Perspective on the Role of Communal Sharing in Synergistic Co-mentoring: Implications for Human Resource Development
Bryan J. Deptula and Ethlyn Anne Williams

Beyond the Single Organization: Inside Insights From Gaining Access for Large Multiorganization Survey HRD Research
Mark N. K. Saunders, David E. Gray and Alexandra Bristow

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