HRDR, 16(3), 2017/09

Career Resilience: An Integrated Review of the Empirical Literature
Paresh Mishra, Kimberly McDonald

Research–Practice Gap in Applied Fields: An Integrative Literature Review
Oleksandr Tkachenko,  Huh-Jung Hahn,  Shari L. Peterson

Definitional and Conceptual Muddling: Identifying the Positionality of Employee Engagement and Defining the Construct
Brad Shuck,  Kobena Osam,  Drea Zigarmi,  Kim Nimon

Conceptual Organization and Identity of HRD: Analyses of Evolving Definitions, Influence, and Connections
Seung-hyun Han,  Chungil Chae,  Soo Jeoung Han,  Seung Won Yoon


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