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HRDI 저널 20권 5호. (2017년, 20(5))

Making sense of our self in HRD: self-less, self-ish and self-ie?
Sambrook, Sally

HRDI, colonization, and post-truth politics.
Lee, Monica

Supporting the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals: a call for international HRD action.
Zarestky, Jill; Collins, Joshua C.

The ethics of HRD practice.
Kuchinke, K. Peter

The demise of inquiry-based HRD programmes in the UK: implications for the field.
Tosey, Paul; Marshall, Judi

Under western eyes: A transnational and postcolonial perspective of gender and HRD.
Syed, Jawad; Metcalfe, Beverly Dawn

Continuous improvement in international or global HRD research.
McLean, Gary N.

Human Resource Development International : a celebration of the journal’s first 20 years.
Elliott, Carole; Li, Jessica; Ghosh, Rajashi


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