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"Leveraging Research to Advance Undergraduate HRD Education Advances in Developing Human Resources"라는 주제.
학부에서 HRD를 가르치는 것에 대한 논문들이다. 우리나라에서도 학부에서 HRD를 가르치는 곳이 점점 많아지는 것 같은데 나중에 점검해 볼 때 유용할 것 같다. 예를 들면, 미국과 한국에서 학부 HRD 교육의 비교 같은 식으로도 논문이 나올 것 같고...

Leveraging Research to Advance Undergraduate HRD Education: An Introduction
Tomika W. Greer, Joshua C. Collins

HRD Curriculum Meets Global Human Capital Challenge
Cyndi H. Gaudet,  H. Quincy Brown,  Dale L. Lunsford

Redesigning an Undergraduate HRD Program With Stakeholder Guidance
Michael Beyerlein,  Trez Jones,  Kelli Peck Parrott

Leveraging Three Lessons Learned From Teaching an HRD Undergraduate Diversity and Inclusion Course: An Autoethnography of One Professor’s Perceptions
Joshua C. Collins

Keeping It Real: The Impact of HRD Internships on the Development of HRD Professionals
Katina Sawyer

The Value of an Undergraduate HRD Degree: An Exploratory Investigation of Perceived Employability and Career Success
Tomika W. Greer,  Consuelo L. Waight

Research to Advance Undergraduate HRD Education: “Please Sir, I Want Some More”
Kim Nimon,  Paul B. Roberts

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