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HRDR, Volume 16, Issue 1, March 2017 
An Integrative Framework for Problem-Based Learning and Action Learning: Promoting Evidence-Based Design and Evaluation in Leadership Development
Kimberly S. Scott

Conceptual Review of Underrepresentation of Women in Senior Leadership Positions From a Perspective of Gendered Social Status in the Workplace: Implication for HRD Research and Practice
Gaeun Seo,  Wenhao Huang,  Seung-Hyun Caleb Han

Pragmatism and Human Resource Development: Practical Foundations for Research, Theory, and Practice
Russell Korte,  Zachary A. Mercurio

Managing Diversity Through Triple-Loop Learning: A Call for Paradigm Shift
Chang-kyu Kwon,  Aliki Nicolaides

Debate and Dialogue
Michael Kroth


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