Spring 2017, Volume 28, Issue 1

Time to ‘Flip’ the Training Transfer Tradition: Employees Create Learning Paths Strategically
Rob F. Poell

The State of Transfer of Training Research: Moving Toward More Consumer-Centric Inquiry
Timothy T. Baldwin, J. Kevin Ford and Brian D. Blume

How Leaders Can Get the Most Out of Formal Training: The Significance of Feedback-Seeking and Reflection as Informal Learning Behaviors
Jennifer L. Sparr, Kristin Knipfer and Friederike Willems

Never Too Early: Learning Transfer System Factors Affecting Motivation to Transfer Before and After Training Programs 
Ann-Christine Massenberg, Eva-Maria Schulte and Simone Kauffeld

Applying Rules and Standards Accurately: Indeterminacy and Transfer Among Adult Learners
Joshua D. Kahn and Erik J. Girvan


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