HRD Review 최근호(2015 3월, 14(1))에 실린 아티클 리스트.


Editor’s Comment: Increasing the Impact of HRDR Through Principled Pluralism

Julia Storberg-Walker


Guest Editorial: Engaging With Employee Engagement in HRD Theory and Practice

Cliff Oswick


Theory and Conceptual Articles

Exploring Organizational Alignment-Employee Engagement Linkages and Impact on Individual Performance: A Conceptual Model

Meera Alagaraja and Brad Shuck


Integrative Literature Reviews

Leadership and Employee Engagement: Proposing Research Agendas Through a Review of Literature

Marie Carasco-Saul, Woocheol Kim, Taesung Kim


Skunked: An Integrative Review Exploring the Consequences of the Dysfunctional Leader and Implications for Those Employees Who Work for Them

Kevin Rose, Brad Shuck, Devon Twyford, Matt Bergman


Examining the Dimensions of the Learning Organization Questionnaire: A Review and Critique of Research Utilizing the DLOQ

Junhee Kim, Toby Egan, Homer Tolson

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