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<HRD Review>의 최근호(2015년 9월, 14권 3호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.



Julia Storberg-Walker



Integrative Literature Review


Emotionally Intelligent Mentoring: Reconceptualizing Effective Mentoring Relationships

Rose Opengart, Laura Bierema


International HRD and Offshore Outsourcing: A Conceptual Review and Research Agenda

Valerie Anderson



Theory and Conceptual Articles


The HRD Eustress Model: Generating Positive Stress With Challenging Work

M. Blake Hargrove,  Wendy S. Becker, Debra F. Hargrove



Foundations and Philosophy of HRD


The Meaning of Organizational Learning: A Meta-Paradigm Perspective

Irina V. Popova-Nowak, Maria Cseh


Autoethnography as a Legitimate Approach to HRD Research: A Methodological Conversation at 30,000 Feet

Robin S. Grenier



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<HRDR: HRD Review>의 최근호(13 4, 2014 December)에 실린 아티클 리스트.


1. Tool or Weapon? Some (Unintended) Consequences of Journal Digitization

Jamie L. Callahan


2. Balancing Flexibility With Security in Organizations? Exploring the Links Between Flexicurity and Human Resource Development

Andreas Kornelakis


3. The Role of Relapse Prevention and Goal Setting in Training Transfer Enhancement

Agoes Rahyuda, Jawad Syed, and Ebrahim Soltani


4. Organization Development Through Franchise Advisory Boards: A Model for Governance Relationships

Denise M. Cumberland and Rod Patrick Githens


5. Mimesis: Learning Through Everyday Activities and Interactions at Work

Stephen Billett


6. National Human Resource Development in Brazil: Lessons From Korea

Tania Nery-Kjerfve, Sehoon Kim, Minjung Kim, and Gary N. McLean



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<HRDR: HRD Review>의 최근호(133, 2014 September)에 실린 아티클 리스트.

1. Writing Literature Reviews: A Reprise and Update
  Jamie L. Callahan

2. An Integrative Literature Review to Introduce Socio-Networked Learning: A New Theoretical Framework for HRD
  Carol Cutler White

3. Examining the AHRD Standards on Ethics and Integrity Using a Multiple Ethical Paradigms Approach
  Taesung Kim, Jae-Young Park, and Judith A. Kolb

4. Mood and Self-Efficacy: The Moderation of Hedonic and Utilitarian Motivation
  Abhishek Kumar Totawar and Ranjeet Nambudiri

5. Human Resource Development in Service Firms Across Cultures
  Bella L. Galperin and Terri R. Lituchy

6. Human Resource Development in Democratic Kampuchea, 1975-1979
  Greg Procknow


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<HRDR: HRD Review>의 최근호(13권 2호, 2014 June)에 실린 아티클 리스트입니다.
"Diversity"에 대한 연구들이네요.

1. Guest Editorial: Progressing Diversity in HRD Theory and Practice
   Jannine Williams and Sharon Mavin

2. A Review of Diversity Conceptualizations: Variety, Trends, and a Framework
   John Qin, Nuttawuth Muenjohn, and Prem Chhetri

3. Obstacles to Success in the Workplace for People With Disabilities: A Review and Research Agenda
   Mukta Kulkarni and Mark L. Lengnick-Hall

4. Changing Demographics and the Shifting Nature of Careers: Implications for Research and Human Resource Development
   Sean T. Lyons, Eddy S. Ng, and Linda Schweitzer

5. A Conceptual Model of Organizations as Learning-Performance Systems: Integrative Review of Lean Implementation Literature
   Meera Alagaraja

6. “How” Narratology Narrows the Organizational Theory–Practice Gap
   Brian C. Glibkowski, Lee McGinnis, James Gillespie, and Abby Schommer


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