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- Title : The New Social Learning

- Subtitle : A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media

- Writers : Tony Bingham, Marcia Conner

- Publisher : ASTD

- Period to read : 2011.2.9~7.9

Social Media will influence our learning and finally our organizations.

I bought this book last February in At first I tried to read through it and summarize it as I do in the graduate school. But I couldn't. Frankly, I didn't. So It took long time to read it completely.

The Authors of this book are Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner. Tony Bingham is CEO of ASTD(American Society for Training and Development). Marcia Conner is Partner with Altimeter Group. They published this book last year. Just before ASTD 2010. That's the reason why the famous writer, Daniel Pink, wrote the foreword for them. (Daniel Pink was the keynote speaker of ASTD 2010)

This book is now being sold in Korea. Mr. Chan Lee (professor of Seoul National University) interpreted. Last May I attended ASTD conference held in Orlando. I saw the Korean book in the ASTD book store. (See below..)

This book consists of 7 chapters. In chapter 1, they explains on social learning, such as the definition, trends, and so on.. And other 6 chapters, they introuces the social learning tools and best practices.

1. The 36,000-foot view
2. Paving online community roads -> about online community
3. Share stories around, up, and out -> about videos for sharing(like youtube)
4. Microsharing for a healthy culture -> about Twitter
5. Growing collective intelligence -> about Wikis
6. Immersive environment refine learning -> about SecondLife
7. Connecting the dots at in-person events -> about backchannel using Twitter

Each chapter has overview, cases, respond to critics and recommendations. So we can see so many cases in which the social media was used for organizational learing.

Below is the website on this book
You may see the latest trends and tools on social learning.

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