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HRDI : 2017년, 20(2)

Introducing the expatriate ‘Entry-Mode’: an exploratory qualitative study of a missing link in global mobility and expatriate management research
David S. A. Guttormsen

National human resource development in a transitioning society: the case of Cambodia
Sowath Rana, Alexandre Ardichvili & Sok Kong Taing

Combined military training and academic instruction in Eritrea
Tensiew Menghistu Ogbamariam & Amanuel Abraha Teklemariam

Learning organization, organizational culture, and affective commitment in Malaysia: A person–organization fit theory
Patricia Yin Yin Lau, Gary N. McLean, Yen-Chen Hsu & Bella Ya-Hui Lien

book review
J. Fitz-Enz and I. I. John Mattox, Predictive analytics for human resources
Arunava Ghosh & Tuhin Sengupta


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