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<HRD International>의 최근호(18권 1호)에 실린 아티클 리스트이다.

1. Utilizing institutional perspectives to investigate the emergence, rise, and (relative) decline of corporate universities
   Meera Alagaraja & Jessica Li

2. The view from the crossroads: Brazilian culture and corporate leadership in the twenty-first century
   Tania Nery-Kjerfve & Gary N. McLean

3. Connection, value, and growth: how employees with different national identities experience a geocentric organizational culture of a global corporation
   Maria S. Plakhotnik, Tonette S. Rocco, Joshua C. Collins & Hilary Landorf

4. Who mentors? Contextual prosocial motivation and willingness to be a mentor
   Stephen E. Bear & Alvin Hwang

5. Where do I belong? High-intensity teleworkers’ experience of organizational belonging
   Stuart M. Belle, D.L. Burley & S.D. Long

6. Human resource development in Pakistan: evolution, trends and challenges
   Muhammad Asrar-ul-Haq

7. Recognizing Eli Ginzberg and Human Resources: The Wealth of a Nation (1958): where are the seeds of (national) HRD?
   Oleksandr Tkachenko

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