Gartner에서 와서 IT Trends에 대한 사내세미나를 해줬다. 1시간 동안.
정말 오래간만에 Gartner 세미나를 들었다.
예전에는 하는 일이 맨날 Gartner 보고서 보구 보고서 작성하는 거였는데...ㅋㅋ

< Gartner's Top Predictions 2011 >


1. By 2015, a G20 nation's critical infrastructure will be disrupted and damaged by online sabotage.

2. By 2015, 'information-smart' business will increase recognized IT spending per head by 60%.

3. By 2015, tools & automation will eliminate 25% of labor hours associated with IT services.

4. By 2015, most external assessment of enterprise value and viability will include explicit analysis of IT asset and capabilities.

5. By 2015, 80% of enterprise using external cloud services will demand independent certification that providers can restore operation and data.

6. By 2015, new revenue created by IT will determine annual compensation for most new Global 2000 CIOs.

7. by 2015, 20% of non-IT Global 500 companies will be cloud service providers.

8. By 2013, 80% of business will support a workforce using tablets.

9. By 2014, 90% of organizations will support corporate application on personal devices.

10. By 2015, companies will generate 50% of web sales via their social presence and mobile applications.

11. By 2015, 10% of your online 'friends' will be non-human.


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