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<HRD Quarterly>의 최근호(2015년 겨울, 26권 4호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.

Talent Management and Organizational Diversity: A Call for Research.
Sheehan, Maura; Anderson, Valerie


Employees' Perceived Use of Leader Power and Implications for Affect and Work Intentions.
Zigarmi, Drea; Roberts, Taylor Peyton; Randolph, W. Alan


The Impact of Ethical Leadership on Employees' In-Role Performance: The Mediating Effect of Employees' Psychological Ownership.
Cho Hyun Park; Woocheol Kim; Ji Hoon Song.


Organizational Attitudes as Precursors to Training Performance.
Sungjun Kim; Huh-Jung Hahn; Jinkyu Lee.


Developing and Applying a New Instrument for Microanalysis of the Coaching Process: The Coaching Process Q-Set.
Bachkirova, Tatiana; Sibley, Jonathan; Myers, Adrian Christopher






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