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Carole Elliott

The mediating role of leadership and people management practices on HRD and organizational performance
Meera Alagaraja, Denise M. Cumberland & Namok Choi

An integrative framework for global leadership competency: levels and dimensions
Junhee Kim & Gary N. McLean


The impact of leadership behaviours on leaders’ perceived job performance across cultures: comparing the role of charismatic, directive, participative, and supportive leadership behaviours in the U.S. and four Confucian Asian countries
Seog Joo Hwang, Louis N. Quast, Bruce A. Center, Chu-Ting Nicole Chung, Huh-Jung Hahn & Joseph Wohkittel

Mentoring, skill development, and career success of foreign expatriates
Dirk Holtbrügge & Judith Ambrosius


Compliance and ethics programmes and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations in the United States: implications for international HRD specialists
John Sample

High-involvement work practices and employee engagement
Sowath Rana

A reflection on a leadership training programme of the Ministry of Interior, Thailand
Sununta Siengthai



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