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  1. 2010.07.19 [Book Review] The Daily Drucker
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Title : The Daily Drucker

Subtitle : 366 Days of insight and motivation for getting the right things done

Writer : Peter F.Drucker with Joseph A.Maciariello

Publisher : HarperCollins

Period I read : 2010.3.3 ~ 7.1 (First Edition)

Frankly speaking, I don't know why and where I bought this book.
Usually I don't read the English books.
This book is written in English.
This is published in Korean, titled '피터드러커 경영 바이블'.

Anyway this book provides Peter Drucker's insight and wisdom.
It is composed of 366 short stories.
So we may read this book every day.

Actually I didn't read all the book.
I am interested in the knowlege worker.
So I read some stories on knowledge worker.

So difficult to write the book review in English...

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