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<HRD Quarterly>의 최근호(2015년 가을, 26권 3호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.


Improving the Rigor of Quantitative HRD Research: Four Recommendations in Support of the General Hierarchy of Evidence.

Nimon, Kim F.; Astakhova, Marina.


Learning Transfer in Practice: A Qualitative Study of Medical Professionals' Perspectives.

Choi, Myungweon; Roulston, Kathryn.


Measuring the Business Impact of Employee Learning: A View From the Professional Services Sector.

van Rooij, Shahron Williams; Merkebu, Jerusalem.


The Invisible Learning Ceiling: Informal Learning Among Preschool Teachers and Assistants in a Norwegian Kindergarten.

Schei, Vidar; Nerbø, Ida.


Psychological Capital Intervention ( PCI): A Replication and Extension.

Dello Russo, Silvia; Stoykova, Petya



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