HRDI : 2017년, 20(3)

Shifting Practices in Digital Workplace Learning: An Integrated Approach to Learning, Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Sharing.
Li, Jessica; Herd, Ann M.

What triggers imposter phenomenon among academic faculty? A critical incident study exploring antecedents, coping, and development opportunities.
Hutchins, Holly M.; Rainbolt, Hilary.

Expatriate contact with a local host: an intervention to increase social support.
van Bakel, Marian; van Oudenhoven, Jan Pieter; Gerritsen, Marinel.

An integrated model of national HRD and critical HRD: considering new possibilities for human resource development.
Collins, Joshua C.; Zarestky, Jill; Tkachenko, Oleksandr. 
Delivering instruction and training to the US and the non-US audiences: an interview with Dr. Hardy MacKenzie.
English, Taisha; Alagaraja, Meera


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