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<HRDQ> 2016년 겨울호, 27(4) 아티클 리스트.


Methods Matter: Call for Research Methods Submissions.

Nimon, Kim.


Women Leaders' Work-Life Imbalance in South Korean Companies: A Collaborative Qualitative Study.

Cho, Yonjoo; Park, Jiwon; Ju, Boreum; Han, Soo Jeoung; Moon, Hanna; Park, Sohee; Ju, Ahreum; Park, Eugene.


The Moderating Role of Transformational Leadership on Work Engagement: The Influences of Professionalism and Openness to Change.

Jeong, Shinhee; Hsiao, Yu-Yu; Song, Ji Hoon; Kim, Junhee; Bae, Sang Hoon.


A Systems Approach to Identify Skill Needs for Agrifood Nanotechnology: A Multiphase Mixed Methods Study.

Yawson, Robert M.; Greiman, Bradley C.


An Analysis of Award-Winning Refereed Articles From the Journals Sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development.

Park, Sunyoung; Chaudhuri, Sanghamitra; Hewapathirana, Gertrude I.; Johnson, Karen R.; Bowen, Mauvalyn M.



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