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<ADHR>의 최근호(17권 4호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.

"Green HRD"라는 테마의 논문들이 실렸다.


Green HRD: The Greening of Society and the Implications for Human Resource Development Theory and Practice

Guest editors: Ellen Scully-Russ and Maria Cseh

The Contours of Green Human Resource Development
Ellen Scully-Russ

Greening HRD: Conceptualizing the Triple Bottom Line for HRD Practice, Teaching, and Research
Claire Valentin
Communicating Climate Change Risk and Enabling Pro-Environmental Behavioral Change Through Human Resource Development
Eugene Sadler-Smith

Changing Cities, Changing Culture: The Challenges and Opportunities for HRD in Urban Sustainability
Lisa Benton-Short and Maria Cseh

Green Jobs Career Pathways: A Qualitative Study of the Early Startup Experiences of Two Federally Funded Green Jobs Training Partnerships in the United States
Ellen Scully-Russ

Testing the Existence of a Green Contract: An Exploratory Study
David McGuire and Marie-Line Germain

Developing the Next Generation of Globally Responsible Leaders: Generation Y Perspectives and the Implications for Green HRD
Sue Williams and Sharon Turnbull



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