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<HRD Review>의 최근호(2015년 9월, 14권 3호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.



Julia Storberg-Walker



Integrative Literature Review


Emotionally Intelligent Mentoring: Reconceptualizing Effective Mentoring Relationships

Rose Opengart, Laura Bierema


International HRD and Offshore Outsourcing: A Conceptual Review and Research Agenda

Valerie Anderson



Theory and Conceptual Articles


The HRD Eustress Model: Generating Positive Stress With Challenging Work

M. Blake Hargrove,  Wendy S. Becker, Debra F. Hargrove



Foundations and Philosophy of HRD


The Meaning of Organizational Learning: A Meta-Paradigm Perspective

Irina V. Popova-Nowak, Maria Cseh


Autoethnography as a Legitimate Approach to HRD Research: A Methodological Conversation at 30,000 Feet

Robin S. Grenier



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