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<HRD Quarterly>의 최근호(2015년 봄, 26권 1호)에 실린 아티클 리스트.


Launch of Wiley's Early View and Preview of Articles in This Issue
Ellinger, Andrea D.


An Exploratory Study of Group Development and Team Learning.
Raes, Elisabeth; Kyndt, Eva; Decuyper, Stefan; Van den Bossche, Piet; Dochy, Filip.


The Impact of Feedback Orientation and the Effect of Satisfaction With Feedback on In-Role Job Performance.
Rasheed, Anwar; Khan, Saif-Ur-Rehman; Rasheed, Mazen F.; Munir, Yasin.


Development (f)or Maintenance? An Empirical Study on the Use of and Need for HR Practices to Retain Older Workers in Health Care Organizations.
Veth, Klaske N.; Emans, Ben J. M.; Van der Heijden, Beatrice I. J. M.; Korzilius, Hubert P. L. M.; De Lange, Annet H.


(Re) Interpreting Action, Learning, and Experience: Integrating Action Learning and Experiential Learning for HRD.
Yeo, Roland K.; Marquardt, Michael J.



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