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<HRDR: HRD Review>의 최근호(13 4, 2014 December)에 실린 아티클 리스트.


1. Tool or Weapon? Some (Unintended) Consequences of Journal Digitization

Jamie L. Callahan


2. Balancing Flexibility With Security in Organizations? Exploring the Links Between Flexicurity and Human Resource Development

Andreas Kornelakis


3. The Role of Relapse Prevention and Goal Setting in Training Transfer Enhancement

Agoes Rahyuda, Jawad Syed, and Ebrahim Soltani


4. Organization Development Through Franchise Advisory Boards: A Model for Governance Relationships

Denise M. Cumberland and Rod Patrick Githens


5. Mimesis: Learning Through Everyday Activities and Interactions at Work

Stephen Billett


6. National Human Resource Development in Brazil: Lessons From Korea

Tania Nery-Kjerfve, Sehoon Kim, Minjung Kim, and Gary N. McLean



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