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<HRD International>의 최근호(17권 3호)에 실린 아티클 리스트이다. 
저자 중에 한국인 교수님께서 그 유명한 Gary McLean 교수님과 같이 내신 아티클이 있다.
주백규 교수님이신데, 예전에 그 분 블로그를 내 블로그에 소개한 적이 있다.

1. HRDI update: strengthening the interdisciplinary and international scope of the journal
   - Alexandre Ardichvili

2. Managerial and leadership effectiveness as perceived by managers and non-managerial
   employees in Mexico

   - Carlos E. Ruiz, Robert G. Hamlin & Laura Esparza Martinez

3. Evaluation of transfer of training in a sample of union and management participants: a
   comparison of two self-management techniques

   - Travor C. Brown & Amy M. Warren

4. Employee creativity: the effects of perceived learning culture, leader–member exchange
   quality, job autonomy, and proactivity
   - Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo, Baiyin Yang & Gary N. McLean

5. The same but different: HRD master’s programmes in the United States
   - Aaron Zachmeier, Yonjoo Cho & Minkyoung Kim

6. Conformers, fighters and rebels: the unfolding of the careers of women in the United Arab

   - Hayfaa A. Tlaiss

7. An expatriate’s perspective on leadership and leading (a global organization) in India:
   interview with Matt Barney

   - Sanghamitra Chaudhuri & Meera Alagaraja

8. Retrospective on the 12th International Conference of the Academy of Human Resource
   Development (Asia Chapter) in Taipei, Taiwan: new perspectives of HRD and social
   networking in a globalizing workplace

   - Yi-chun Lin & Wei-wen Chang

9. The Oxford handbook of leadership, edited by Michael G. Rumsey
   - Sowath Rana & Oleksandr Tkachenko


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