<HRDR: HRD Review>의 최근호(13권 2호, 2014 June)에 실린 아티클 리스트입니다.
"Diversity"에 대한 연구들이네요.

1. Guest Editorial: Progressing Diversity in HRD Theory and Practice
   Jannine Williams and Sharon Mavin

2. A Review of Diversity Conceptualizations: Variety, Trends, and a Framework
   John Qin, Nuttawuth Muenjohn, and Prem Chhetri

3. Obstacles to Success in the Workplace for People With Disabilities: A Review and Research Agenda
   Mukta Kulkarni and Mark L. Lengnick-Hall

4. Changing Demographics and the Shifting Nature of Careers: Implications for Research and Human Resource Development
   Sean T. Lyons, Eddy S. Ng, and Linda Schweitzer

5. A Conceptual Model of Organizations as Learning-Performance Systems: Integrative Review of Lean Implementation Literature
   Meera Alagaraja

6. “How” Narratology Narrows the Organizational Theory–Practice Gap
   Brian C. Glibkowski, Lee McGinnis, James Gillespie, and Abby Schommer


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