<ADHR>의 최근호(16권 2호, 2014 May)에 실린 아티클 리스트입니다. "Coaching and HRD"를 주제로 하는데, 편집하신 분들이 Andrea D. Ellinger, Toby Egan, Sewon Kim라고 하네요.  

1. Coaching and Human Resource Development: Examining Relevant Theories, Coaching Genres, and Scales to Advance Research and Practice
Andrea D. Ellinger and Sewon Kim

2. Theoretical Traditions and Coaching Genres: Mapping the Territory
Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova, and David Clutterbuck

3. Executive and Organizational Coaching: A Review of Insights Drawn From Literature to Inform HRD Practice
Terrence E. Maltbia, Victoria J. Marsick, and Rajashi Ghosh

4. Managerial Coaching: A Review of the Empirical Literature and Development of a Model to Guide Future Practice
Rona S. Beattie, Sewon Kim, Marcia S. Hagen, Toby M. Egan, Andrea D. Ellinger, and Robert G. Hamlin

5. Action Learning Coaching
Judy O’Neil and Victoria J. Marsick

6. Coaching Scales: A Review of the Literature and Comparative Analysis
Select this articleMarcia S. Hagen and Shari L. Peterson

7. Coaching, HRD, and Relational Richness: Putting the Pieces Together
Toby Egan and Robert G. Hamlin


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