<HRD International>의 최근호(17권 2호)에 실린 아티클 리스트입니다.


1. Leveraging employer branding, performance management and human resource development to enhance employee retention
Wayne F. Cascio

2. HRD research and design science: recasting interventions as artefacts
Eugene Sadler-Smith

3. The relationship between training outsourcing and employee commitment to organization
Sanghamitra Chaudhuri & Kenneth R. Bartlett

4. Bridging, bonding and linking global entrepreneurs: the case of Sri Lanka
Gertrude I. Hewapathirana

5. Exploring the relationship between discourse and a practice perspective on HRD in a virtual environment
Peter Evans

6. The influences of openness to change, knowledge sharing intention and knowledge creation practice on employees’ creativity in the Korean public sector context
Cho Hyun Park, Ji Hoon Song, Doo Hun Lim & Jung Woo Kim

7. A long journey to a cul-de-sac: a reflection on UK skills policy
Martyn Sloman

8. Employees’ positions in virtual working community and their job performances: a social network analysis
Feng Wu & Xiaolei Zhang

9. Workforce localization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: issues and challenges
Ahmed Al-Asfour & Sami A. Khan


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