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2014년 3월에 HRD Reveiw에 게재된 논문 리스트이다.

Creation of a Moral Panic? Self-Plagiarism in the Academy,
Jamie L. Callahan


Integrative Literature Review
Training Methods: A Review and Analysis, Barbara Ostrowski Martin, Klodiana Kolomitro, and Tony C. M. Lam

West Meets East? Identifying the Gap in Current Cross-Cultural Training Research,  Kyoung-Ah Nam, Yonjoo Cho, and Mimi Lee


Theory and Conceptual Articles
Giving Nonselective Downsizing a Performance Review, Jennifer D. Bragger, Eugene J. Kutcher, Amanda Menier, Valerie I. Sessa, and Kenneth Sumner

Extending Theory on Job Stress: The Interaction Between the “Other 3” and “Big 5” Personality Traits on Job Stress, Sujit Sur and Eddy S. Ng

Feedback-Seeking and Social Networking Behaviors During Job Search: A Conceptual Model, Bogdan Yamkovenko and John Paul Hatala



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